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2,000 Miles in 10 Days

2,000 Miles in 10 Days

  • Author: Scott
  • Date Posted: Sep 1, 2019
  • Category:
  • Address: Boston Bar, British Columbia

Well that was a long haul! It feels like we were just in Skagway, and we arrived in Vancouver today. Back in civilization!  We made  it down the Cassier Highway, then the Yellowhead Highway, then picked up the 97 in St. George and then the 1 to Vancouver. We visited 3 breweries along the way, got 2 bikes in St. George. We saw the world’s largest fly rod, the worlds largest gold pan (although we think the one in Burwash Landing was bigger!) and the world’s largest Rice Krispy Treat in Boston Bar (self proclaimed!) Now we are enjoying Vancouver. Time to test out the new bikes tomorrow. Laundry and a carwash are also on the agenda this week!

The world’s largest fly rod in Houston, BC.

The world’s largest Rice Krispy Treat in Boston Bar!

The old Alexandra Bridge in BC. Nice short hike right off the highway.

The new Alexandra Bridge.

Us walking on the old bridge.

Boston Bar. Many  areas are called “bar” after the gold rush claims on sandbars along the Fraser River.

On the Lions Gate Bridge in Vancouver.

View from the Bridge.

Ali and the Lion!

Our Campground, Capilano River Rv Park. Crowded City Rv Park in Vancouver.

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  1. Did you eat it, or are you saving it for later? It should be quite shelf-stable…

    • Still working on it…three days later.

  2. Never pass up a Rice Krispie Treat!!!

    • It wasn’t nearly as good as your Rice Krispy Treats!

  3. LOL, more “Largest” I would have to say that rice crispy is pretty LARGE. 😀

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