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Anchors Away

Anchors Away

  • Author: Alison
  • Date Posted: Jul 17, 2019
  • Category: ,
  • Address: Anchor Point, AK

We have enjoyed two and a half beautiful weeks here in Anchor Point. It’s the first place on our trip that we have found ourselves saying repeatedly that we would like to come back to someday, but with so many places to explore ahead, it’s too soon to tell. A few more photos to share from our beachy spot, and then off to Talkeetna tomorrow.

Lucky spot number 9


The tractor launch at Anchor Point – it was very entertaining watching them haul boats in and out!

Our beach – it was nice enough to walk barefoot and wade in the water today.

Other days required waders and rain gear, but we walked the beach miles every day we were here regardless of the weather.

Otter eating a crab

I’ve been collecting and piling these striped rocks on the beach for over 2 weeks and finally assembled them into something…

…that turned into a sea turtle!

Mt. Iliamna

Otter staring back at me!

Juvenile eagle

Before the trip to the barber!

And after!

Mt Redoubt from our campsite. It was clear enough this morning that we could see steam venting from the top of the volcano.

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  1. Ali, amazing pictures. What a spot. I can see why you hate to leave. You have the best of both worlds with the ocean and the road to more adventures right there at your feet. Those otters are resilient creatures. I saw one sitting on the ice at my little freshwater pond last winter eating a fish. They seem to thrive in all environments don’t they? Kind of like you and Scott! XxKris

  2. Of course the rocks turned into a sea turtle. 😁

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