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Back in the USA!!

Back in the USA!!

We crossed the border at Beaver Creek on Monday and drove to the Sourdough Campground in Tok, Alaska. The roads have been quite interesting with pretty big frost heaves and potholes (see header photo). They try to warn you with an orange cone (sometimes) but we have seen a few vehicles with flat tires. Luckily we made it unscathed. They have a tradition of a sourdough pancake toss at the campground. Someone made it in the bucket and got a free breakfast. Someone else didn’t. See if you can tell who’s who!!!

It was great to catch up with Cousin Derek yesterday morning at the campground. He is trapping Lynx in the wilderness and putting GPS collars on them to track their migrations…sounds cool!

We are now at the Hart D ranch in Slana, accessing the Wrangell-St. Elias National Park. Tomorrow it is off to Lake Louise.

Winner breakfast! That is reindeer sausage….Rudolph tastes like hot dog!

And from the bird lady…trumpeter swans!

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  1. Scott and Allison, just had a chance to take a look at this amazing adventure! The scenery is amazing and THE BEARS!! :0 Happy trails guys 🙂

  2. What good old fashioned fun!! And reindeer sausage!! Wow

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