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Banff and Lake Louise

Banff and Lake Louise

  • Author: Alison
  • Date Posted: Jun 4, 2019
  • Category: ,
  • Address: Banff National Park

Oh Canada! They actually let us in and we might never want to leave…until winter anyway. After a one night stop at Wasa Lake Provincial Park, we are now camping in Banff National Park. Today we visited Lake Louise and Moraine Lake. Yesterday we hiked Johnston Canyon, visited the Cave and Basin National Historic Site and walked all over town. There are quite a lot of tourists here already, although it’s not officially high season.

Moraine Lake from the Rockpile trail. The water gets its spectacular color from the rock dust that the glaciers scrape off as they slowly move down the mountains. It is suspended in the lake water and then refracts the sunlight!

Moraine Lake

More of Moraine Lake. Hard to resist taking too many photos.


One of the Glaciers above Moraine Lake.

Lake Louise (as is the header photo on this post)

On the Lake Louise Gondola. Supposedly there had been a bear sighting earlier in the day from the gondola, but we have still yet to see one.

Cave and Basin National Historic Site – birthplace of the Canadian National Parks. The site had been used previously by the Stoney nation, and was re-discovered in 1883 by three railroad workers who wanted to make it a private attraction, but the Canadian Government decided to preserve it for the public and made it their first national park. (Yellowstone was the first US National Park in 1872.)

A MOOSE! Ooops, nope. Just Scott.

On the trail to Johnston Falls

Upper Falls – Johnston Canyon

Upper Falls

Foxy glamour shot on the side of the road, near the Continental Divide.

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  1. Excellent photos of extraordinary natural beauty! Thanks very much for sharing the wonder!

  2. Omg!!!! BEAUTIFUL!!

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