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Bears and Hot Springs

Bears and Hot Springs

  • Author: Scott
  • Date Posted: Jun 19, 2019
  • Category:
  • Address: Liard Hot Springs, BC

We spent the last two nights off the grid at Liard Hot Springs Provincial Park Campground. Lots of wildlife sitings including bison, sheep and bears…two of which walked right through our campsite while we were in the camper. Photos to follow! The hot springs were great, there wasn’t much around except for a gas station, so we filled up…to the tune of $1.95 per liter…a cool 8 bucks per gallon! No choice! We pulled into Watson Lake, gonna have some work done on the trailer brakes, hope to get it sorted out today. Plan to get to Whitehorse tomorrow.


Views along the Alaska Highway – Norther British Columbia

Foxy by the Liard River

Lakeside selfie

Muncho Lake

Stone sheep/lamb

Wood bison


Momma hiding her calf. She might have been happier if they were not standing right in the breakdown lane!

Our campsite at Liard Hot Springs – the first time we’ve set up the mosquito tent!

The boardwalk out to the hot springs

Marmot munching away alongside the boardwalk

Wetlands around the hot spring. There is an extended climate due to the hot water that lets plants grow here that otherwise could not survive.

Liard Hot Springs!

In the hot springs. It’s amazing to be in the natural spring area with all of the vegetation.

Alison at the source of the spring. The hot water bubbles up from the earth at a toasty 127 degrees!

In the pool near one of the cool water inlets!

Visitor at our campsite!

Momma and cub!

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  1. Great wildlife photos! Inviting hot springs! Such adventure!

  2. Holly smokes!!!!!! $8 a gallon!!!! Not a bad price for all of the beauty that you guys got to see!!! But just the same….. holly smokes!!

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