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Birds and a Buggy

Birds and a Buggy

  • Author: Alison
  • Date Posted: Jan 10, 2020
  • Category:
  • Address: Port St. Joe FL

We are wrapping up a 4 night stay in Port St. Joe, a bit southeast of Panama City. This area was slammed by Hurricane Michael in 2018. The power of the storm, as well as the slow recovery process, is evident in the number of buildings that are still lacking roofs. But the beach area is pretty, although we hit it during a cool and windy stretch. We walked a lot of miles and found some 4-wheeled entertainment to rent from one of the locals who said he didn’t have any real damage to his house, despite a 5 foot storm surge (all the homes here are on 10+ foot stilts). So we bundled up and cruised (and bird watched!)


Too bad we can’t add this fun little guy to our fleet!

Cruising in Florida style…with PUFFY COATS on the beach!

Full moon rise


Another feathered friend I’ve been waiting to spot in the wild! An American Oyster Catcher.

A Sanderling with a tidbit extracted from the sand. Yum?

This beach also had lots of colorful “coquina” shells.  I have fond memories of my Grandma Sophie sending me in search of these little pairs, which she used as butterflies in her shell art. It was probably a great way to keep a 10 year old entertained for hours, and I still remember proudly bringing back my treasures for inspection.

From here we are off to Gainesville, and then Scott will take the camper south while I make another trip back to Colorado to spend more of what I only sadly say is too little time left with my dad.

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  1. Touched by your heartwarming memory of Mother Sophie. Beautiful pictures of Florida nature. Love your motorized fun!

  2. From Pensacola to Panama City we camped in all of the state campgrounds there in our RV several years ago. This area was our favorite part of Florida! Port Saint Joe got the freshest shrimp.we went back there every year that we traveled to Florida to be “snowbirds! Enjoying your posts again. As Val told me today to take a look.

  3. St Georges Island was spectacular at Joseph’s Peninsula,St Andrews ,Gratin Beach where we joined a rally of 40 Rv ‘s who had the same Rv as us. Topsoil Hill Destin Big Lagoon all great places

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