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Bridges and Boats

Bridges and Boats

  • Author: Scott
  • Date Posted: Sep 7, 2019
  • Category: ,
  • Address: Horseshoe Bay, BC

We have had a great time in Vancouver this week. Lots of biking and walking around town. On Wednesday we visited Horseshoe Bay, a nice little coast town where the ferries run, and then the Capilano Suspension Bridge. Thursday we biked into town and took the water taxi to Granville Island and took in the market. It reminded us a bit of the market in Madrid, Spain. Tonight we are off to the USA v. Canada rugby match and tomorrow we get back to the USA!!

Alison at Horseshoe Bay.

The BC ferry in Horseshoe Bay.

The Capilano Suspension Bridge…it moves a lot when you walk over it. Built in the 1800’s it spans the Capilano River. Now it’s pretty much a tourist attraction…but hey, we’re tourists!

On the cliff walk near the bridge.

Scott on the tree walk

Alison on the tree walk.

I got a prize!

The market at Granville Island.


The Whiskey Distillery on Granville Island.

BC Place, this is where the rugby game is.

View of Vancouver from the False Creek water taxi.

Ali found a friend!

This the fishing area under the bridge near our campground. The locals trap the Salmon running upstream. Seems kind of mean but I guess they taste good.

We are done with the Milepost portion of our journey so we left the book at the RV park for someone else to use. This book has been our invaluable guide for over 5,000 miles. Anyone driving to Alaska needs to bring this along. Thanks Brian and Cathy for sending it to us!

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  1. Working my way back from today Nov 7th on your Journey…but very much can relate to some very good times at the Distellery on Grainville…also liked your comments surrounding Crater Lake and Ukiah at the winery with Bethany and Will…

    Time to voyer back in your journey…

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