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César Chávez National Monument

César Chávez National Monument

  • Author: Alison
  • Date Posted: Nov 8, 2019
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  • Address: Tehachapi, CA

We planned an overnight on our way to Death Valley so that we could visit the César Chávez National Monument. It is a beautiful site, that encompasses his home, office, burial site, and still includes operating offices for the United Farm Workers. The museum includes many photos of the farmworker strikes in the mid 60’s, and documents the historic struggle that Chávez led to create the first farmworker union and improve working conditions and compensation for those toiling in the field. It was a very moving and inspiring place to visit.

The Memorial Garden

During his lifetime, Chávez underwent several extended hunger strikes that were part of his commitment to peaceful protest. This photo from the museum documented his ending a 25 day fast by breaking bread with Robert F. Kennedy, who shared his vision for economic justice for all Americans. Less than three months after this photo was taken, Kennedy was assassinated.

The grounds of the monument include a garden with plants representing Chávez’s birthplace of Yuma, AZ.

There is also a beautiful rose garden.

After leaving the memorial, we took a back road home to the camper and gathered up some other local history about the railroad as well as enjoying the nearby wind farm. A few more photos to share…

Sort of the same principle as the Georgetown Loop, but instead of building a trestle, they used an existing hill.

We were happy to find the plaque which explained what the dotted line (train route) was doing on our GPS screen.

Arrow shows where the tracks cross over themselves. The front cars on long freight trains actually cross the bridge over their own back cars!

Moonrise over the windmills. Amazing to see so many of them up the hillsides.

On to Death Valley tomorrow!

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