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Colorado or Bust

Colorado or Bust

  • Author: Alison
  • Date Posted: Apr 27, 2020
  • Category: ,
  • Address: Shreveport, LA

Well, we are headed back to Crested Butte to hunker down. We were felling pretty good in FL, until other campers started showing up, and suddenly we didn’t have the place to ourselves! It was two long driving days to get to Shreveport, LA, and all was going smoothly until our brakes threw an error code, literally as we were pulling into the campground last night. Foxy is currently getting worked on and we are hoping to be back on the road this afternoon. In the meantime, I’ve been working on another top 10 list (or maybe top 14 list since I’m having trouble whittling it down). Enjoy!

Top 10 Feathered Friends

OK, Really it’s top 14, but I couldn’t cut it all down to ten! These are in chronological order from our travels.

Raven Family  Jasper National Park, Alberta Canada 

The Boss  Anchor Point, AK

Staring Contest  Anchor Point, AK

Acorn Woodpecker (and his stash)   Moss Landing, CA

Got Fish?  Tarpon Springs, FL

Great Blue Heron and Egret (Not Socially Distanced)   Anclote River, FL

Osprey   Anclote River, FL

Hitchhiker   Tarpon Springs, FL
This Egret was on the roof of our truck!

Anhinga  Everglades, FL

Tri-Colored Heron   Everglades, FL

Juvenile Ibis   St. Augustine, FL

Red Shouldered Hawk   St. Augustine, FL

Red Shouldered Hawk and Chick  St. Augustine, FL
(This nest was over our camper for about a month and I finally got this shot just a day before we left.)

Anhinga and Chicks  St. Augustine, FL
This nest was also in our campground and was much fun to observe daily. The babies were growing fast and always hungry!


Time to fly,
The Bird Lady

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  1. LOVE the bird photos! The egrets and herons usually social distance better than that! Glad you’re safe.

  2. Loved the pictures of the birds. I think I have a picture of the same pelican in Tarpon Springs. They lived to pose.

    When do you plan to be back in Colorado?

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