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Down the Cassier Highway

Down the Cassier Highway

  • Author: Alison
  • Date Posted: Aug 25, 2019
  • Category:
  • Address: Boya Lake Provincial Park

We are heading south down the Cassier Highway, from Skagway, en route to Vancouver. This is a gorgeous and less traveled route through British Columbia. So far we have spent one night in Teslin, YT, two nights at Boya Lake, BC, and are currently in Iskut making use of extremely slow and limited wifi! One night here then of to Meziadin Lake Provincial Park for three nights.

Moonscape at the top of White Pass coming out of Skagway.

Rancheria Falls, our lunch picnic spot.

Boya Lake. What a gorgeous place to camp!

Chilly hike! It is feeling a lot like fall up here!

Beaver dam. They like the trees too.

Scott on the trail.

We paddled around several islands in the lake, getting back just before the rain. There were many loons, myself among them when I almost dumped Scott in the lake landing out rental canoe! What I can say, I’m used to the lower center of gravity in our kayak.

Our site tonight in Iskut. Stunning views and only a few neighbors so far.

The water in the photo above is just a tiny inlet of a much larger lake that we hiked over to.

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