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Driveway Camping

Driveway Camping

We have had a great 2 weeks in Juneau, Brian and Cathy have hosted us in their cul de sac and we have enjoyed using a house kitchen and washer and dryer! We explored the Mendenhall glacier, Auke Lake, the Alaska Brewing tasting room and the Breeze In for donuts!!! We took advantage of the “big city” and made multiple trips to Costco! We ferry to Skagway tomorrow and then head south….just in time, it’s getting cold up here!

The Alaskan Brewing tasting room….good beer!

Paddling in Auke Lake, Cathy photo bombing behind us!

We towed Cathy in after her swim.

And then she pulled us!

Donut window at the Breeze In!

Scott and Smokey having a stare down!

Two photos of the Mendenhall Glacier. This one was taken yesterday, the one below was taken from the same spot 7 years ago. The shrinking glacier is obvious…

Us at Nugget Falls.

On the shore of Mendenhall Lake

Brian and Cathy looking good!

Cathy and Alison on the East Glacier trail.

Scenery on the East Glacier Trail.


This is a video of a Coho Salmon jumping up a beaver dam near Mendenhall Glacier. If you have your audio on you can hear the crowd respond when he makes it.

These guys had already made it up and over the beaver dam.

Humpback Whale statue in downtown Juneau.

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  1. WOW, that statue looks soooo real.

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