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Eagles and Earthquakes

Eagles and Earthquakes

  • Author: Alison
  • Date Posted: Jul 4, 2019
  • Category: ,
  • Address: Anchor Point, AK

Well, as if the eagles aren’t exciting enough, we had our first earthquake the other day! We were sitting on the couch, and the whole camper started shaking. Our first thought was that some animal or person was messing around outside (i.e. my grandpa’s famous story about waking up in Alaska with the whole camper being shaken by a moose scratching himself on the side mirror). Anyway, by the time we got our shoes on, there was no culprit to be seen outside and everything was still as could be. Scott seemed unconvinced when I said “maybe it was an earthquake?”, but Google quickly confirmed that indeed a small quake had just been recorded. Apparently they are quite common here, with 20 or more daily. We never would have noticed it if we weren’t both sitting on the couch. It mostly felt the same as it does when one person is up walking around in the RV, but still, kind of neat to know it was a quake! (Addendum…maybe a little less neat now that we are reading about quakes in CA)

We are spending the 4th here at the beach, making clam chowder and watching the birds. My plans to dig clams have been derailed by a 2019 clamming closure due to population decline. The only beds that are open are across the bay, so we bought some in town yesterday, along with salmon, rockfish and scallops! Our deep sea fishing trip is still a few days away so we needed some local goodies to sustain ourselves till then. Hope everyone enjoys the holiday! No fireworks here in the land of eternal daylight!

Our little quake!

There was a lot of activity around a fish that had washed up on the beach. There is a very clear pecking order among the eagles. The juvenile eagles sit around and watch a dominant adult eat, and the adult will quickly abandon the feed when someone “higher up” the order swoops in. It always seems like there is only one bird eating, while others are watching, and seagulls are making noise.

The eagles are so huge!

Changeover. A higher ranking eagle showed up to takeover the feast. (Or sometimes they just carry it off, like in the header photo!)

These two seemed to be having a standoff while another adult was eating. Maybe trying to decide who was next in line?

Crazy bird watcher! The haze lifted a bit yesterday so you can see the volcano across Cook Inlet.

Oh, and we got a first hand view as to why the seagulls never get too close…

Here’s a warm and fuzzy seagull pic to make up for the last one.

The harbor in Homer. We are looking forward to several boat trips in the coming week.

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  1. Wonderful photos! A birdwatchers delight, to be sure! 😍

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