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  • Author: Scott
  • Date Posted: Apr 22, 2019
  • Category:
  • Address: echo bay, NV

Today I am considering my first day of retirement…in as much as I have taken 2 week vacations in the past…but I didn’t go back to work today…. Just slept in, Alison and I had breakfast, then took a walk/hike, then went boating. Life is good and we realize we are very fortunate to be in this position. Echo Bay has been home for the past week and the campground here has been wonderful. There were a few more people around for Easter weekend, but now we basically have the place to ourselves. We have explored pretty much the whole area taking multiple hikes, kayak excursions and drives on the North Shore Road. The only negative is that we still have not seen a desert Tortoise… but we will keep looking.

RedRock trail

North Shore Summit

North Shore Summit



Blue and Foxy

Nuff Said

Earth day.

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  1. Love your commentary, and especially the pictures. I truly respect the fact that Earth Day is my birthday, and am happy to see that Dude and Chic are basking in the glory of Mother Earth. Now where could those tortoises be hiding?

    • Earth Day Birthday is the best!

  2. Yeah for happy retirement!!!

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