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Fogged in on the Kenai

Fogged in on the Kenai

  • Author: Alison
  • Date Posted: Jul 11, 2019
  • Category:
  • Address: Kenai, AK

Shortly after our fishing trip the fog rolled in and has been hanging heavy over the water ever since. Our boat trip to go over to Lake Clark National Park to see the bears has been cancelled twice now! We’ve been using our time instead to explore some other areas of the Kenai Peninsula, and hope this afternoon to get across the bay to Katmai National Park, if the weather cooperates. Some foggy photos to share in the meantime.

The volcanos poking out above the fog bank in Homer

The layer of fog over the water was wild. Driving into Homer we were actually above it.

The dip net fishing season opened yesterday. Residents can net up to 25 salmon, but the water is still apparently a bit warm. We saw a few get hauled in here, at the mouth of the Kenai River.

The oldest Russian Orthodox Church in Alaska, located in Kenai. At the narrowest point of the Bering Sea, Russia is only 55 miles from Alaska, and there were many early Russian settlements here.

It’s possible I jinxed our trip to Lake Clark National Park by getting my stamp in advance! The park is all wilderness so the stamp is at a visitor center in Homer. It seemed like a sure deal that we would be going, but now it looks like it will be Katmai National Park instead due to the weather. The one time I pre-stamp…seriously?

The bad weather has also given us time to check out a couple of the local brewers. St. Elias in Kenai.

And Kenai Brewing.

And good news…we picked up the Halibut yesterday, and it all fit in the freezer!

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  1. Glad all of the fish fit in the freezer, were you able to make it to Lake Park?

    • We never did get to Lake Clark National Park. It would have been another flight or all day boat trip. I just had to put a little asterisk next to the Lake Clark stamp that it turned out to be Katmai. It’s all good. I couldn’t get the Katmai stamp anyway since where we flew to see the bears was nowhere near the visitor center! Alaska is just downright huge and stuff is hard to get to!

      • I’m glad you still had a great time.

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