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Gap Wrap Up – Year One

Gap Wrap Up – Year One

  • Author: Alison
  • Date Posted: May 20, 2020
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  • Address: Mt Crested Butte, CO

We’ve been home in Crested Butte for almost two weeks and are settling into life in a much bigger house that doesn’t roll. It seems like we will be here at least all summer, so have been doing things like working in the yard and planting a garden. We are still hopeful that this fall we can take the RV east before heading south for another Florida winter, and then picking up our itinerary where we left off.

The pause in our trip fell at pretty much the one year mark, giving us a good point to reflect from. In some ways the year flew by, but then when we think about Alaska, it seemed so long ago. Anyway, a friend asked what lessons came from the first year, and in keeping with our recent string of Top 10 lists, we are putting our heads together to share some lessons from life on the road before we take a blogging hiatus till Foxy rolls again! Everyone stay safe and healthy.


Top 10 Gap Year Lessons/Takeaways


10. There are a lot of bad drivers and never ending amount of road construction.

9. Everyplace in our country has its own beauty, and wildlife sightings are always a highlight.

8. It is a REALLY long drive to Alaska!

7. Extended travel isn’t exactly a vacation. Real life still happens, and it’s not always good stuff, but you get through it.

6. You might think you can plan it all out…but you really can’t. (Being flexible is a huge asset.)

5. We need way less stuff than we ever thought. And the less we had, the happier we were.

4. After looking back on the past year, we wouldn’t change how or where we travelled at all. Planning ahead and making reservations suited our style, and the few times we needed to make a change it wasn’t a problem.

3. We missed our friends and family. We met some nice people, but life on the road turned out to be not nearly as social as we expected.

2. We picked the right RV. Foxy met all our needs very well and wasn’t too hard to tow or squeeze into the National Park campgrounds.

1. We married right, AND we still like each other. Whew!


Here are the other Top Ten lists from Year One, with a few new additions

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  1. I was thinking about the both of you today and came to the site to see your journey. It looks like you have seen some wonderful memories and wondering when you might be around our part of the country again?

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