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Glacier National Park

Glacier National Park

  • Author: Alison
  • Date Posted: May 27, 2019
  • Category: ,
  • Address: West Glacier, MT

We’ve barely scratched the surface of exploring Glacier these past couple days, but the weather is about to change for the better! Today we are in Kalispell taking care of business…wifi…oil change…and a bit of shopping. Expect more photos soon of sunny skies and short sleeves. A few rainy/cloudy day adventure pics in the meantime:


Lake MacDonald

The water is incredibly clear.

Hiking in a wildfire recovery area. This burn occurred in 2003 and consumed 13 million acres.

Falls along the North Fork of the Flathead.

The Merc is WORLD FAMOUS for their huckleberry bear claws. Luckily the road up there recently reopened and we were able to judge for ourselves.

Yup. World Famous.

Yesterday we got sucked in the vortex that is the Montana Mystery House. We still can’t really figure out what was going on. Supposedly an energy vortex that does all sorts of weird things. Some seemed like maybe they were more optical illusions, because in this photo things look pretty normal, but when we were there the effect was a shift in heights.

Scott defying gravity in the Mystery House.

This is the one that left us stumped. We moved this broom around several times and were able to stand it up on end at a different angle than everything else in the leaning house. I also have to report that the whole time I was in there I thought I might hurl from dizziness. Not sure if it was just my brain trying to straighten out all the old angles (marbles rolling uphill for example) or if we were really in a crazy vortex. Ether way we were so tired afterward that we took a two hour nap!!!!


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  1. This is great!!!

  2. Great adventure! Scary vortex. Sounds like a once in a lifetime experience!

  3. Haha!! 2 hour nap!!!! That is so crazy that you were able to move the broom around, seemed like a normal broom? No weights or anything?? So weird!

    • Seemed like a normal old broom!

      • So weird!?

  4. There was a cabin with the same things at Heritage Square in Golden. Balls appearing to roll uphill, etc. Fun

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