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Gone Fishin’

Gone Fishin’

  • Author: Alison
  • Date Posted: Jul 8, 2019
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It was a successful day hunting halibut from the S.S. Alaska Spirit! We both took home our limit (one over 30″ and one under 30″) which filleted out to just over 31 delicious pounds. It is currently being cut, vacuum sealed and made ready for the RV freezer! It was a fun day on the boat with 4 other people. Captain Mike clearly knew where to go, because after the hour and a half ride out, I caught the first halibut of the day only about 5 minutes after we anchored. Seemed like someone almost always had a fish on a line and everyone caught what they were after. Two of the guys on the boat were after “big fish” and went away happy, one with a 70 pounder and one with a 100 pounder. Amazing to watch them bring those huge halibut in, with harpoon assist! We were happy with our smaller fish, which tend to be better eating and didn’t require us having to figure out what to do with what wouldn’t fit in the freezer. (One of our camp neighbors spent over $600 to ship 40 pounds of fish).

Anyway, today will be a relaxing one, I for sure have some tired muscles and was very happy to bank about 12 hours of sleep last night when we got home after 7 hours on the boat.

The Alaska Spirit! We rode on the boat during our launch, this was taken when they were coming in the day before. Tractor launching is quite the experience. They just haul you across the beach, turn around, back way out into the waves  and shove you off!

Tractor launch! Check out all the tire tracks from boats before us.

Scott’s first fish! (Mine is the one still swimming in the header photo)

Nice catch!

Nate, deckhand extraordinaire, holding up our other two smaller fish in the background.

Dave and Mike with their BIG FISH!

Nate expertly filleted all the fish on the way back.

Tractor pull back onto the beach!


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  1. Ummm……Wish I could taste that halibut now! Extraordinary!

  2. Wow!! You got some BIG fish!

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