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In the Everglades

In the Everglades

We are entering our second week here in the Everglades, on a place called Chokoloskee Island. It’s a whole lot less crowded than our last stop (and most of Florida) and we have not missed sitting in traffic at all. Foxy will be parked here for about another week in the southernmost campsite on our trip.

Our campground has a marina, and is a lovely spot to watch sunset.

The marina has gators.

And sometimes no water! Low low tide!

There are also plenty of these hungry (and oh so bold) guys always hanging around the fish cleaning area.

But the sunsets are gorgeous!

This area is famous for stone crabs. I spent a lot of time cracking these open, and I kind of don’t get the fuss.

We took a fan boat through the local mangrove swamp (with Boston tourists!)

And we kayaked on the Turner River in Everglades National Park.

There were plenty of gators…

Including this big mama!

If you look closely, you can see one of her babies curled up in safety of her tail!

Scott with a gator ahead!

The mangrove tunnels were gorgeous.

The swamps are full of bromeliads and birds!

Great Blue Heron

Tri-color Heron


Marco Island – Tigertail Beach

Congregation of Ibis on the beach

And this rare blue tongued mammal was spotted in the local ice cream shop! The flavor was Cookie Monster!

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  1. I’m in Tarpon Springs right now. Visiting a friend in this area for a week. Unfortunately a lot of events cancelled due to Coronavirus. Looks like you guys are having a wonderful adventure. Stay safe.

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