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Klaune Lake Take 2

Klaune Lake Take 2

  • Author: Alison
  • Date Posted: Aug 5, 2019
  • Category: ,
  • Address: Kluane National Park

We are currently in the Yukon Territory, doubling back over about 200 miles of the Alaska Highway that we traveled northbound in June. It feels kind of funny when we’ve done nothing but see new places for 4 months! Anyhow, we are happy to be camping at the same gorgeous spot on Kluane Lake, and blogging (and eating pie)¬†at the same little roadside diner as last time. We head back into Alaska tomorrow for a few nights stay in Haines before we ferry over to Juneau.

Enjoying a paddle on Kluane Lake. The water is a little bit warmer than it was in June. We both jumped in for a quick and somewhat shocking dip!

Klaune Lake. You can just make out the campground on the shore.

We took a pretty hike today in Klaune National Park. Our uphill climb on the Sheep Creek Trail was rewarded with some spectacular views.

View from the trail

This mountain seemed to have a lot of “heart”

And we got to see this guy! Our first ever lynx sighting!!!

A couple pics from the ride yesterday. Me and the world’s largest gold pan.

And the end of the fireweed. We have been enjoying these gorgeous magenta blooms all over Alaska. The blooms start at the low part of the stalk and the locals say that when the blooms get to the top it’s the end of summer. Many have no blooms left now, but we found a few at the campground we stayed at near Beaver Creek. The bike riders in the background are part of an 86 person team of University of TX students riding 4,000 from Austin to Anchorage, raising funds for cancer research. We chatted with a few of them. They were pretty excited that the next day they would finally be in Alaska after riding for 2 months.

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  1. That is a Huge Gold Pan!! And ahhhh yhe end of the fireweed.;(

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