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Lake Louise, Alaska

Lake Louise, Alaska

  • Author: Scott
  • Date Posted: Jun 29, 2019
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  • Address: Lake Louise, AK

We spent the last two days at Lake Louise, Alaska, not to be confused with Lake Louise in Banff. It is a huge, beautiful lake. The roads have been a bit challenging with lots of frost heaves and potholes, but we made in unscathed. We spent hours on the kayak both days, saw Loons, seagulls, a muskrat and a cow moose with two young ones on our way out of the park. There is not much darkness up here these days! The camping was tight so we decided to get to Anchorage a day early to get our errands done. Had great Halibut at Humpy’s last night. Now we have been to the Humpy’s in Kona and Anchorage!

On the lake

Army cabins built around WWII. There was a recreation camp here where they flew officers in (by float plane) for rest and relaxation. Three of the cabins are still standing. Eisenhower stayed here in 1948.

Cow moose with two young ones

Construction worker fending off the mosquitos. (Alison has the same electric bug zapper/racket and it works wonders)

Mt. Sanford from the road. Over 16,000 feet of inactive volcano!

The Matanuska River, comes from the Matanuska Glacier which is why it is so silty.

Matanuska Glacier

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  1. Beautiful photos! Glad you are keeping those mosquitoes at bay!

  2. Breathtaking!!!

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