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Monterey Bay

Monterey Bay

We’ve had a great week here in Monterey Bay, watching the otters and birds, enjoying the beaches, and catching up with friends. This areas is incredibly beautiful, with the deep water bay (it drops off into an underwater canyon that is 2 miles deep) creating amazing habitat for critters on and off the land. Lots of photos to share before we head inland to Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Park today.

Otter photos first! These are the highlights of about 300 photos…

Momma with baby otter is about the cutest thing ever. We saw this pair at the end of a boat safari trip up the Elkhorn Slough, a 7 miles long muddy tidal inlet.

She made a quick swim off with her pup after I got a couple pics. The naturalist we were with said the little guy was only a few days old.

An older pup that was looking for his mom. She popped up and gave some very loud yelps and they were soon reunited.

He quickly snuggled right back up. Apparently a pup of this size is close to weaning and going off on his own.

Just checking out the boat!

Us on the boat!

Brown pelicans

Sun bathing seals

This guy was hanging out with us when we were sitting on the jetty at Moss Landing Beach. Not sure who was watching who.

We had an awesome two days hanging out with Sharon and Julian, eating, hiking about and watching the local critters. Love you guys and can’t wait to have a future RV meetup 🙂

On our hike with S&J, we got to see an Acorn Woodpecker. I have a pretty short birding bucket list, and this guy was on it! He makes holes to stash his acorns in. There were 3 woodpeckers working on 4 trees and they were putting up quite a supply.

Acorns! This was only tiny area of one tree. I can’t imagine how many there were in total.

We spent a fabulous day at the Monterey Bay Aquarium. Really interesting place with stunning displays, and a focus on conservation, particularly keeping plastic out of the ocean! This is the kelp forest which was two stories tall.

Beautiful jellies!

Lunch in Monterey, with some input from the Monterey Aquarium’s “Seafood Watch” app. You can download it to learn more about what is being harvested sustainably in your area.

Another day we went up to Santa Cruz! The amusement park was closed, which means I didn’t get to drag Scott on a roller coaster!

But we did find a pirate themed mini golf course!

I won’t brag about my winning margin.

Oh, and another highlight…Foxy got a bath! And boy was it needed. These guys removed a lot of bugs.

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  1. Wonderful sights! Love all the critters! So happy to see Scott reveling in a pirate locale! Great adventure!

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