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South Beach

South Beach

  • Author: Scott
  • Date Posted: Sep 30, 2019
  • Category: ,
  • Address: Newport, OR

South Beach State Park, Newport, OR! This is a beautiful spot. We’ve spent the last 3 days riding our bikes, hiking on the beach and drinking Rogue beer! (The brewery is right down the trail.) We visited the aquarium, Alison wanted to adopt a sea otter but cooler heads prevailed! The Oregon coast is awesome and we definitely plan on being back here soon.

South Beach

Old Bayside Harbor

The Sea Lions put on a show for us. This NOT the aquarium!

They make REALLY good beer!

Yeah, Baby!

I decidedĀ  to get a tattoo.


Alison wanted to take this guy home! This is at the aquarium.

Feeding time!

Check out the octopus leggings!

Sea Anemones

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  1. Real tattoo?

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