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Staying Warm and Socially Distanced

Staying Warm and Socially Distanced

  • Author: Alison
  • Date Posted: Mar 25, 2020
  • Category:
  • Address: St. Augustine, FL

We migrated to the northeast of Florida about a week ago, and are camped at a nice spot in St. Augustine. RV-ing turns out to pretty conducive to social distancing, since we are quite self contained, and not that close to our neighbors. We did modify our itinerary a bit to hunker in here for 3 weeks, which we may extend. Of course, things are changing daily, and it’s always possible that the campground could close, or be closed by ordinance. If that happens, we will likely put Foxy in storage and head to CO with just the truck to ride things out. But for now, one day at a time. We are a mile from the beach, which is still open, and now much less populated as they have closed all the public parking lots. They are patrolling the beach pretty heavily and enforcing the CDC distancing rules. We have been enjoying riding our bike over there daily. Otherwise, it’s been lots of time at the campsite doing crosswords, RV maintenance projects, and watching the local wildlife. Enjoy the photos and stay safe!

We made a one night stopover at the “Bee Barn” in Zolfo Springs. The bees were all offsite working in CA, but we came away with some beeswax/honey items from the farm.

Central Florida is filled with farms and orchards. We visited one farm stand where I asked for a bunch of collard greens and this is what I got. I asked twice if he was sure it was only one bunch! I cooked them all down in one huge batch and am still eating them a week later.
I tried to offload a few leaves of them on the resident chickens who were completely uninterested!

Our campsite in St. Augustine.

We don’t make fires very often, but decided we should eat some of the S’mores fixins that have been in the cabinet for months. We didn’t have any newspaper, but had just finished a book of crossword puzzle which did the trick!

The campground doesn’t have any recycling, but we have scoped out the closest bin in a park up the street.

There is a gorgeous hawk nesting in the tree behind our site. Haven’t spied any babies yet!

Turtle pond across the street. People must feed them, because they were very excited to see us.

Everything in town is closed, but we did take a short walk around Castillo de San Marcos. No National Park stamps this trip.

The round turrets made us think of the Castillo San Cristobal in San Juan, Puerto Rico, which we visited in late 2016, shortly the big hurricane.

And hanging out at the camper. Last night we had kilted happy hour. I in my family’s traditional Wallace plaid and Scott in the Wallace hunting plaid. SlĂ inte mhath! (Good health!)

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  1. Release the stamp!

    • Your beautiful pictures and craves are being up my memories of time spent in Florida. We went for 7 winter! Never staying more than the 14 day max in the state parks. One of the winters we put on 1200 miles just in Florida. We did this from 2007 to 2013. Thanks for your sharing with me.

  2. Wonderful views of life! Flora and fauna! Beautiful greens and plaids! Thanks for sharing!

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