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Uh huh

Uh huh

  • Author: Scott
  • Date Posted: Jun 20, 2019
  • Category:
  • Address: Wastson Lake, YT

Today turned out to be the quintessential Gap Year Day. We hobbled into Watson Lake with no trailer brakes, spent the night at a parking lot campground and then found a mechanic who was on Watson Lake time! So we had a few hours to kill. We had breakfast at the local greasy spoon and then stumbled upon…the Signpost Forest! Started in 1942 by a homesick army engineer building the Alaskan Highway, this street side signpost forest has grown to thousands of street signs, city signs, home made travel signs, etc. Quite a scene to say the least! Soooo, of course we made a sign to add! We got Foxy fixed with the help of our Tiki God and set out for for Whitehorse. We got to Teslin and decided to call the campground since we were pulling in late. Of course they didn’t have our reservation. All worked out as we got a site in Johnson Crossing for the night and will get to Whitehorse tomorrow and they have a site for us. Such is a typical day in the Yukon on the Gap Year! Cheers everyone!


Norman taking off wheel three of four!

It was that kind of day!

Our Tiki has never let us down, and today was no different! The repair was a success! An exposed wire in the brake drum.

The Sign Post Forest, this is only a tiny part of it! It is huge! So fun to walk around and find signs we connected with.

Unity Maine! Home of the Common Ground Fair!

Shout out to Cape Cod!

Estes Park – Home of Rocky Mountain National Park

Arvada? Have the Grossmans been here???

Hey – who is this Allison with two Ls?

Sooooo of course we did. It wasn’t like we were going anywhere while Foxy was getting fixed.

Scott did the install!

Immortalized for ever (or as long as Sharpies last) in Watson Lake!

Happy Blitz Gap Year!

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  1. Love following you guys on the tour. 🙂 Keep posting.

  2. Great addition to the posting forest! Amazing perspectives of home and roots!

  3. Cool!!

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