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Wine Country (and Sacramento)

Wine Country (and Sacramento)

  • Author: Alison
  • Date Posted: Oct 20, 2019
  • Category: ,
  • Address: Ukiah, CA

Fun times visiting Bethany and Will in Ukiah and touring the wine making facility that they are working in for a few months. We made it out to Mendocino and up through the Anderson Valley wine region, as well as taking a side trip to Sacramento. Tomorrow we head to Yosemite.

Getting the tour! So many huge tanks filled with wine in various stages.

We got to taste several wines, and learn a bit about the process. Bethany and Will spend their days  mixing and adding things to the tanks, of which their are hundreds! It is a very scientific and massive production process.

We got to spend a night with Scott’s friend Chris in Sacramento! Fun to catch up.

On Saturday we went wine tasting at a vineyard that is part of the wine family B & W are working for. These are all of their brands on the signpost.

We then headed out to the coast, where we added 3 gallons of gas to the truck for $19.70…yes, that is $6.56 a gallon! CA gas is pricey!

At Anderson Valley Brewing, playing disc golf.

And climbing trees 🙂

In the tasting room with the “Beer” (part bear, part deer)

Stopped to check out the sunset on the way home.


We then dropped of the kids who had to get up at 5:00am and went to the Ukiah Speedway, right next to our campground, and watched the races. Very entertaining! I’m considering it my warmup for the Daytona 500 in February, which Scott tells me is much bigger.

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  1. Gas was pretty insane in California! 🙁

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