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Top 10 Foxy Shots

Foxy has survived being dragged on and off ferries, getting backed into all kinds of campsites and rolling across thousand of miles of highways, byways and bumps.

Zion National Park, UT

Hole in the Rock Road, Escalante, UT (We camped in this off the grid desert stop for a week and only onboarded one pet mouse!)

Crossing one of the original wooden bridges of the Alaska Highway, BC, Canada (The road is rerouted now, but we took a side trip to drive/walk over it)

Kluane Lake, YT  This was on our anniversary (6/24) on the way north, we stayed here on the way home too. Such a gorgeous spot. 

Teklanika Campground, Denali National Park, AK.  Camping here is the only way you can get access to drive into the park. Such a treat. The third night our ranger program was interuped by a grizzly bear!

The Blitz/Tide driveway! Juneau, AK

Alaska Marine Highway ferry from Juneau to Skagway!

Iskut, BC at Mountain Shadows Park

The Infield at the Daytona 500! What a scene! Daytona, FL

Our longest campsite of the trip! Quarantined in St Augustine, FL