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Adventures on the St. John River

Adventures on the St. John River

  • Author: Scott
  • Date Posted: Jan 23, 2021
  • Category: ,
  • Address: Crescent City FL

From North Beach in St. Augustine we headed to the St. John’s River KOA  in DeLand. We rented a Pontoon Boat and visited Blue Spring State Park to see the Manatee.  We then headed  to Crescent City and spent a few nights at Renegades on the River, where we…you guessed it… rented another Pontoon Boat. We then headed to Cherry Blossom Campground in Crescent City where we…again…rented a Pontoon boat. They are great for seeing birds, turtles and gators! Enjoy the photos from the Bird Lady!

A Manatee at Blue Spring State Park.

Manatee with calf. Also known as Sea Cows.

Scott and Spotter driving the boat.


A Gator and his turtle buddy soaking up the sun.


Selfie on the boat

Trout Creek off the St. John’s River

Egret (Bird Lady side note: This guy is looking quite fancy showing off his breeding plumage)


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  1. Hey guys. Hope you’re doing well. 1 year into working from home and ready to camp, travel or just get out of the house. Cheers my friends

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